Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Junga Juice Cafe is Proud to Announce a New Location at Freedom Crossing on Fort Bliss.

In just a couple weeks time, the service men and women and their families stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX will be able to enjoy Junga Juice's real fruit smoothies. Junga Juice is part of a first-of-its kind shopping complex designed specifically to provide shopping, dining, and entertainment to the brave men and women who grace our military. Freedom Crossing is situated right on Fort Bliss and consists of many fine quality establishments including Junga Juice, a movie theater, and community gathering areas, such as an outdoor fire pit, and children's playground.

The Franchisee responsible for bringing Junga Juice to Freedom Crossing on Fort Bliss is Larry Arciniaga. Mr. Arciniaga is a West Point graduate who spent five years as an Infantry Airborne Ranger. He retired as a Captain and has spent the last years with his wife and 3 children working as a professional for fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, with experience in manufacturing and sales.

Arciniaga has had the dream of owning a Junga Juice Franchise for many years now and is excited to start his adventure. In a statement about the opening, Arciniaga talked about his dream. “In America, we are blessed to have the opportunity to use our God-given talents to follow our dreams. Being a Christian entrepreneur is the life our family is excited to begin with Junga Juice. This is a double blessing in that we get to serve the men and women who serve our country at Fort Bliss.”

If you live in El Paso and do not work on Fort Bliss, don't worry: Arciniaga has a plan to open up a location or two off base in the very near future.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Junga Juice is now Junga Juice Café

FUEL…ENERGY…NATURE…POWER…BLENDED TOGETHER                                

Junga Juice is now Junga Juice Café

Junga Juice is proud to announce that they are now offering more than just the finest tasting healthiest smoothie.
Junga Juice is now Junga Juice Café. They of course offer the same great smoothies, but they also offersignature soups, sandwiches, salads, organic espresso, loose leaf teas, pastries and a whole host of healthy retail products. But this new concept is not only about adding a few new products. The Junga Juice Café is a whole new idea. Junga Juice Café stores go beyond the standard colorful smoothie shop. A Junga Juice Café is bold by smoothie shop standards, but calm with a subtle organic atmosphere, which melds the coffeehouse café, and smoothie shop into one very inviting, relaxing and tasty place to spend an afternoon. 

To see just what these new stores look like Click here.  Store 360 Degree Tour

If you have not checked Junga Juice out lately, you have got to take a moment to look at where they are going.  www.jungajuice.com   

Now is a perfect time to join Junga Juice’s list of successful franchisees and business owners.

They have three exciting ways for you to take hold of your dreams.
1.       Become a franchisee and open a store or two in your city to start the adventure of a lifetime.
2.       Already have a business? Become a Junga Juice licensee and sell our smoothies in your existing establishment. 
3.       Come on board as a master developer and grow the Junga Juice brand throughout your region as a partner with us.

If you have any questions Junga Juice would love to talk with you, send an email to info@jungajuice.com or contact:
Mark A. Zarr
Franchise Relations

Junga Juice Signs New Master Developer



Junga Juice signs new Master Developer for Utah, Arizona and Southern California

Enticed by Junga Juice’s move toward their new Junga Juice Café concept Sunny Pinhero an Ogden Utah resident signed a Master Developer Agreement with Junga Juice the week.

Pinhero will be working to bring the Junga Juice Café concept throughout Utah, Arizona, and Southern California. He is also serving as a consultant for Junga Juice to help with their training, marketing and branding as Junga Juice continues to move forward.

Pinhero has a decade of experience in the franchise industry and has owned and worked for franchises such as Subway, Taco Del Mar, and others. He first found Junga Juice as a General Contractor and has built 4 Junga Juice Locations in Idaho and Montana. Pinhero’s love for the franchise industry and his knowledge of business development allows him to see the difference in customer service, product quality and concept uniqueness provided by the Junga Juice brand and he is excited to expand his region.

“We are excited to expand and open up new Junga Juice Café locations,” said Sunny Pinhero Southwest Master Developer “Junga Juice is leading the way by offering healthy natural smoothies as well as healthy sandwiches and salads all in a comfortable café setting.”

For more information, contact Junga Juice at (208) 954-1611 or email info@jungajuice.com

Mark A. Zarr
Franchise Relations

Sunny Pinhero
Southwest Master Developer
(208) 866-3027

Monday, November 2, 2009

American Heritage

Are you ready for a change? Want to wake up every morning holding your own success in your hands?

Countless numbers of Americans dream of the opportunity to be their own boss, to own their destiny. Our countries heritage is built on the backs of small business owners. You can’t look at American history without studying the innovation and success of Henry Ford, Hershey, or Ben & Jerry’s, stories of regular everyday people fulfilling their dreams one step at a time. It is this heritage that defines Americans; it is this heritage that drives each generation forward. But, are we losing our heritage? Today are shopping malls and main streets are cluttered with large chain stores, and corporate mega marts.

Why, because we as Americans have forgotten how to dream! We would rather give up our destiny for the false security of a 401K. We tell ourselves that we don’t want the responsibilities of owning are own business so instead we work 80 hour weeks in hopes of an annual bonus or maybe even a promotion. We have shoved aside the very core of what makes us American so that we can climb the corporate latter, and maybe someday buy the house on the hill. In doing so, we have lost our identity, Instead of Community gatherings we have corporate picnics, instead of neighborhood Christmas parties, we have company holiday potlucks, instead of defining ourselves through our community we find our meaning in the logo on our polo’s.

Imagine with me, an America once again built on the backs of everyday Americans. Imagine with me a county defined by the innovation and successes of local businesses rather than by the failures of “corporations to big to fail”. Together we can rebuild our heritage, but the question is; are you brave enough to join the ranks of innovators or would you prefer to hope that by chance your 401k will payout in the end?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

American Revival: Revisited

Is America ready to make a comeback? Today the Dow past 10,000 for the first time in a year! This is great news and can be seen as an indicator of better times to come. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. The economy still needs you, the small business owner. The time of large corporations ruling over the American Economy is over. The time to get back to the American roots of progress, through industry and small business is before us.

Junga Juice is helping lead this charge by offering great franchise opportunities that allow Americans to successfully operate a small business. That is not to say that Junga Juice is here to save the day, we are not that conceited, but it is our true desire to see the American small business economy flourish and we want to do everything that we can to help promote the American Revival. Ultimately the success or failure of the American Revival falls on the backs of the everyday American, as it should. Our nation was built on the sweat and sacrifice of everyday people and the responsibility to rebuild the strength of our nation is now our duty.

As the smoke begins to subside the reality is that we still have more people looking for jobs then there are jobs, we still have a banking system overloaded with debt and we still have a lot of work to do. But, do not be dismayed for when there is a need there is an opportunity. If we continue to stay frozen in the fear of uncertainty then there will certainly be no progress. But if we take this opportunity to strap on our boots, and roll up our sleeves we can reawaken a movement of American prosperity. We can come out of the ashes stronger than ever before. Unfortunately, talk is cheap. We can discuses an American revival all day long, but it will not come about from blogs, committees, and tableside discussions unless those discussions turn into action. Rather you end up with a Junga Juice franchise or running for office in your local community, the point is that we must move forward. Progress will only be made if we are moving forward. Standing still is no longer a luxury that we can afford. Will you help us? Will you rebuild America with us? Come on, we have work to do!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Franchise Opportunity

The last few posts have followed a discussion about the American revival. We will return to this theme in the upcoming posts, but a recent conversation with a potential franchisee got me thinking about the franchise industry in general.

The question was asked “does owning a franchise force me to think inside the box”. In relationship to Junga Juice’s desire to help people become “free” through our own franchise opportunities I had to pause to think about this question. The short answer is a resounding NO. True, there are many franchises in the industry that simply allow people to purchase a job. I sincerely believe that the Junga Juice Franchise Opportunity is different. Our goals go beyond simply opening stores. Our very concept is outside the box in relation to other smoothie franchises. Our smoothie lounge concept is an industry first. We have taken the smoothie to a whole new level of sophistication, taste, and quality. We have taken our franchise opportunity and made it available to the average American, not just the wealthy.

Our outside the box concept does not stop with our store design and quality product. Our outside the box thinking allows us to see each individual franchisee as a person with individual dreams, goals, and desires. We do not sale a franchise we sale a lifestyle. A lifestyle that gives people the opportunity to succeed, a lifestyle that allows people to let the individuality come out. Sure our franchise opportunity comes with guidelines, and standards, but these are tools, not limitations. They do not limit your success, nor do they discount your innovations. The truth is that we live and breathe our franchise opportunity every day. We have figured out what works and what does not. The structure that we have built is not designed to reduce each individual into a mold but was created as a foundation upon which our franchisees can build their own dreams.

Visit www.jungajuice.com to learn more.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Great American Contradiction

Have you ever wondered why we as Americans put so much value on business ownership? Is it a rite of passage? Is it a status symbol? Is it for wealth and glory?

I am sure that the above reasons are relevant for most people looking to own a business, but I believe at the core of the desire is the understanding that there is no greater freedom then to be your own boss. As Americans we have a lot of different views about politics, religion, ethics, and lifestyle choices, yet in the end we are all fighting for the same thing; our FREEDOM. No matter what we believe we all feel that no one has the right to take away our ability to choose. Yet, for most of us we are employed. We are told, when to wake up, when to eat launch, when to go home. We are even told how much we are worth.

As Americans it is this contradiction that drives as all to desire our own business. We say that we deserve freedom, but then we give it up for a weekly paycheck, we say that we have the right to chose our own paths, but we trade that right in for benefits. It is this contradiction that motivates us to push forward to better and bigger things such as business ownership. It is this contradiction that burns in our hearts telling us all to accept the calling, to be more then we currently are, and to achieve more than we are currently achieving. It is this contradiction that makes America great. The simple fact that we do have the choice, we can say that we want freedom or we can step out and take the freedom that we all talk about.

What do you choose?

Is it time for you to talk with Junga Juice about their Business Opportunities? Is it time for you to be the employee or the employer? You have the freedom to decide.